Ashleigh Corallo

Self taught entrepreneur Ashleigh has never liked using a title or wearing a chefs coat - until this new venture. Her career in food and wine has come full circle with the creation of Mana + Pua, SALT encompassing over 30 years of cooking, tasting, sharing, catering and sales. The name Mana + Pua is indeed a take on her favorite childhood food of a pork filled bao bun and the name of her wine company she started and recently sold called Mana + Pua wines. This latest venture is a culinary take on classic European and North American foods using our local fare grown + raised here in Hawaii. This is truly a family affair of a restaurant with her partner Keaka and their children Radin and Kalani - even supplying fresh fish on the daily from our sacred Pacific Ocean. Lucky day when they roll in with full arms of their fresh catch and ringing the vintage captains bell at the bar.

E Komi Mai + Mangia

Chef/Owner Ashleigh Corallo

Executive Chef

Matthew Vidusek

Chef Matt's journey from Navy nuclear engineer to culinary mastermind is a testament to his adventurous spirit. After years spent ensuring the smooth operation of complex machinery, he craved a more creative outlet. The precision he honed in the Navy found a new purpose at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. Now, Chef Matt's passion lies in transforming the freshest local ingredients into delectable dishes. His dedication to seasonal bounty extends beyond the kitchen; he fosters a welcoming atmosphere at Mana + Pua, ensuring every guest feels like part of the family.

Executive Chef Matthew Vidusek

Pastry Chef

Melanie Daniels

Aloha Oi, meet our new pastry Chef Melanie Daniels, a 25-year-old private chef in Honolulu. My culinary journey began early, inspired by "Cake Boss," which led me to start my own cake business in the 7th grade. I trained at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, BC, and have traveled extensively, cooking and taking classes in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, including working in Greece. Now based in Hawaii, I blend my love for travel with local, seasonal ingredients to create pastries that reflect global inspiration and Hawaiian tradition. Join me in experiencing the diverse flavors I bring to the table here in Honolulu

Pastry Chef Melanie Daniels