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Let me tell you a story

Growing up, I spent my summers in Hawaii where I idolized my Aunt Susie - a powerful healer and entrepreneur. As a young girl, I watched her live and love Hawaii - she opened her own business, Hina Mana, and taught me all about the word mana and its powerful, healing energy. She introduced me to my favorite foods - Mana and Pua - at Holiday Mart and eventually we all named our pets after our favorite things. After spending each summer on the beach with her, I would kick and scream back to the mainland - it always felt like I was leaving my heart in Hawaii. Aunt Susie always believed in me and my vision for starting Mana Wines, and she gave me my first loan to begin it all.

It's been a long road since then. I keep my feet in both mainland and Hawaii NEI with our established nonprofit and Mana wines. I have gone out on many a limb with business concepts (seems a few are sticking) and there is one more in the pike that completes the circle. I've leaned on my friends and family, and they answered. I'm merely a woman who has cried, fought, and lost many sleepless nights questioning the validity of my purpose. They were the ones who led me to the rainbow - a life worth living.

I decided to further expand the rainbow from mainland California to the Hawaiian Islands to pay homage to my aunt who was a major influence and role model in my life, to thank my mother for never wavering in her support for me and for becoming a dear friend, and to thank my partner who has supported me in his best ways possible. While 'Fast Ash' continues to chase her rainbow dreams, I hope I never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because life on the rainbow is surely the most colorful and powerful journey.

The most recent concept is the brand development of Mana + Pua and expansion back to Hawaii. Slated to open in March 2021 in Haleiwa Town, the tasting room will feature the exclusive wines of Mana + Pua and give shelter to the charity to raise monies for Na Wahine O Kalani, our sister company.

MANA + PUA is that rainbow journey embodied. We support and share arts + crafts from individual rainbows like myself who are making a name and living for themselves by chasing their creative spirits. These artistic platforms for winemakers and artists alike are built to share their creative and passionate stories with a warm, aloha vibe.

What would you do if you lived on a rainbow? Come visit us and see.